The Brooklyn Bridge Forest Project: Making a Real Impact with a Click

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I spend a lot of time on the markets. Sometimes I joke that, “If I’m awake, I’m working”. That’s not literally true of course, but in some of those off-market hours I do like to think about how to practically address some of the challenges our planet faces from a variety of angles. Today I’m flagging the Brooklyn Bridge Forest project ( as a first-class example of a design idea that combines sustainability, utility, and beauty into the rejuvenation of a global landmark. This is something where you, as a reader and global citizen, get to choose how the iconic Brooklyn Bridge gets a makeover.

And why do I think this something worthy of your time? Well for one, I know two of the principals behind this proposal, so I know first-hand how real their dedication and passion is when it comes to improving the world through “smart design”. These are people that see everything, and everyone, being connected whether they know it or not. I’m a big proponent of that view, and I’m also a big believer in the fact that design and impact are inherently linked. In a nutshell, the Brooklyn Bridge Forest project (1) ensures sustainable forestry in a Guatemalan rainforest, (2) restores the pedestrian and cycling experience to what it was always intended to be, (3) adds native and diverse microforests at both ends, and (4) raises $20 million of its project funding through sponsorship of sustainably sourced tropical hardwood boards. It’s one of those win-win scenarios that I love to see in the market, but this time I don’t have to click a “buy” or “sell” button, I just make a simple vote.


I’ll let the video above tell the story, but my takeaway is that this is something that makes a lot of sense practically, socially, and environmentally.

After you take the time to watch the above video, if you think this is as good of an idea as I do, then it’s one anonymous click to vote for Brooklyn Bridge Forest and you’ve done your good deed for the year.

If the project wins, I will post an update here.

Thanks for taking the time. Votes can come from anyone, anywhere in the world, so feel free to share this far and wide!!